Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200

For this Fujifilm recipe: Kodachrome 200, I took a stroll through the Central Municipal Market in Kandy. And between the loud vendors looking to push as much of their product as possible and the customers looking to grab bargains on their next meal, it was a hive of activity. The location gave plenty of opportunity for the rich and varied subject matter necessary to test this recipe emulating the legendary film stock.

Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image
Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image
Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image

Positive Observations

Firstly, what is most noticeable about this recipe is its genuine emulation of a film aesthetic. The combination of grain and reduced clarity in this instance combine perfectly. That is if you are after a more retro look to your photographs.

Furthermore, the Classic Chrome simulation used as a base gives the image a pleasant dynamic range in its highlights and shadows. Additionally, the colour is more subdued, contributing towards the look of Kodachrome 200 photographs.

Lastly, the colour balance gives a pleasantly warm and authentic Kodachrome 200 Aesthetic.

Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image
Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image
Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200 sample image

Negative Observations

For some, the level of clarity may be a little too low for taste. However, this is, of course, entirely subjective. Although Kodachrome 200 was a notably crisp film stock, as with any film camera, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact focus. Meaning this blur can give some more authentic-looking images.

In Addition, the blacks are perhaps a little too crushed to give an entirely authentic look to the images. Whereas the classic Kodachrome 200 images tend to render the blacks matte, However, in this recipe, the shadows add depth and reduce detail.

The same is true for the highlights also, which tend to peak a little too much.

sample image
sample image
sample image

Recipe Settings

  • Film Simulation: Classic Chrome
  •  Grain Effect: Weak/Small
  •  Colour Chrome Effect: Strong
  •  Colour Chrome FX Blue: Weak
  •  White Balance: Auto, R+3, B-4
  •  Dynamic Range: DR200
  •  Tone Curve: H+1, S+2
  •  Colour: +1
  •  Sharpness: -1
  •  High ISO NR:  -4
  •  Clarity: -2

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sample image
sample image
sample image


Overall the simulation does a top job of rendering images in likeness to the aesthetics of retro film stock. However, in this case, the inability to matte the blacks or highlights in the camera mean it is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate the look of Kodachrome 200 film.

Nevertheless, it performed well and produced pleasing images from my journey to Kandy’s Central Municipal Market.

What do you think of the results? Let me know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and online communities that may be interested. Fujifilm Recipe: Kodachrome 200.