Samsung T7 Shield SSD

As digital photographers, we understand the importance and value of reliable storage devices. Keeping our precious photos safe and accessible is perhaps more important than the cameras and lenses used to take them. And the Samsung T7 Shield SSD may just be the best thing for the job.

Over the years, I have been through many portable storage drives. Before the introduction of cheap solid-state drives (SSDs), I used to invest in Seagate disk drives.

These were often hit-and-miss, and I probably gave the company more chances than they were due. The final drive I purchased was a 3TB drive for a bicycle tour around Europe and the Balkans.

Unfortunately, the data ended up corrupting, and although I was eventually able to transfer it from the device, the process was very temperamental and long-winded.

But what do you expect from a disk drive with multiple moving parts as it travels thousands of miles over countless potholes and stones?

Samsung T7 Shield SSD Design

The design of the Samsung T7 Shield SSD is small, measuring just 8.6 x 5.7 x 1.25 cm and weighing only 98 Grams, meaning it easily fits into my laptop bag without the worry of purchasing another case, and more clutter, to hold it.

The main body of the device is made from aluminium and is coated with a silicone shell to protect it from shock. Samsung claims this also helps the device maintain a low temperature to help increase performance. However, I reckon this is just marketing.

The port seems tough and sturdy, unlike the Sandisk port I fear will wear very fast. And next to it is an LED light which gives a green or red light to let you know what it’s doing.

The Samsung T7 Shield SSD boasts multiple safeguarding features such as an IP65 dust and waterproof rating (the same as the nest cam outdoor) and impressive 3M drop protection. And while I wouldn’t willingly get this thing wet or drop it, I believe it could withstand this punishment. The thing is solid.


The write speed offers an impressive 1,050/1,000MB/s. And while this won’t win any awards within the SSD drive bracket, this is lightyears ahead of the old disk drives.

For me, the transfer speeds on this device have always been phenomenal. The drive has always performed smoothly and lag-free, even when transferring large video files and thousands of RAW format images. Crucial when editing directly from the device.

Samsung T7 Shield SSD Security

While I have not yet utilised any of the Samsung T7 Shield SSD features, it does offer AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Meaning your data is protected if you work with sensitive documents. It also comes with a password protection option, adding an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.


The SSD is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets. It also features the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, which offers faster transfer speeds and improved power delivery.

I don’t use multiple devices. I opted to leave behind my iPad on this excursion to save weight. However, many content creators use cameras, phones, action cams, tablets, laptops and other devices. So this compatibility is ideal for these types of users.


I can confidently say the Samsung T7 Shield SSD is the best portable storage device I have ever owned. I am assured files stored on the device are safe and preserved regardless of the testing conditions I put them through. It is so good that I am going to buy another.

If you are looking for a portable storage drive or want to upgrade your existing one, don’t hesitate to get the Samsung T7 Portable SSD Flash Drive. You won’t be disappointed.

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