ILFORD HP5 Plus LR Preset

Key Features:


+ Emulates the iconic look of ILFORD Plus 400 film

+ Rich, balanced tones and impressive contrast

+ Captivating black-and-white aesthetic with a classic touch

+ Enhances details and textures for a refined and timeless look

+ Customizable to match your artistic vision and preferences

+ Streamlines your editing workflow, saving you valuable time

+ Perfect for a wide range of subjects and genres

+ Ideal for social media, prints, and portfolios

+ Elevate your black-and-white photography with ease and sophistication.



Discover the timeless beauty of black-and-white photography with the ILFORD HP5 PLUS 400 Lightroom Preset. Emulate the iconic look of ILFORD HP5 PLUS 400 film and effortlessly transform your digital photos into stunning monochrome masterpieces. Experience rich, balanced tones, impressive contrast, and a classic aesthetic that evokes a sense of nostalgia and elegance. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, this preset is your key to creating captivating black-and-white imagery that stands the test of time.


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